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Boomwhackers Full Spectrum Set

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Found in most music classrooms and music therapy programs around the world, these affordable, colour-coded, tuned percussion tubes provide an opportunity for any age and ability to experience success making music.

Boomwhackers are strong, lightweight, portable tuned percussion tubes, played by beating against each other, on legs, arms or hands for a warm mellow tone or indeed, against harder surfaces for a hard edged attack. 

With no limit to the creative learning process, students can feel the joy of learning and experiencing rhythm, pitch and movement while having fun!

Consists of: BWDG, BWCG, BWEG, BWJG, BWKG, OC8G 

Set includes all 8 pitches from C to c on a diatonic scale (white keys on the piano).

This set consist of the 5 Chromatic notes in a scale (the black keys on a piano) and combines with the Diatonic Set (BWDG) to form a full chromatic octave of

13 notes. It also creates its own pentatonic scale, which has a pleasant sound on its own. C#,D#,F#,G#,A#

This Treble Extension Set consists of 7 tubes that start just above the highest note in the C Major Diatonic Scale Set: C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G. Tubes range in length from 7" to 11”.

This Bass Diatonic Set consists of 7 notes: C to B. The bass tubes add a whole new dimension to the sound and musical possibilities and combine with the standard Diatonic Set to form two full diatonic octaves.

This Bass Chromatics Set combines with the Bass Diatonic Set to create a low chromatic scale, or combines nicely with the BWCG Chromatic Set for an extended range of pentatonic notes. This set consist of the 5 bass Chromatic notes in a scale (the black keys on a piano) and combines with our Bass Diatonic Set to form a full chromatic octave of 13 notes one octave lower than the diatonic sets. C#,D#,F#,G#,A# Tube length: 27" to 47"

These caps lower the pitch of a Boomwhacker by an octave when placed on one end of the tube. The 8-pack contains enough caps to use on any of the Boomwhackers sets.

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