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Boomwhackers Classroom Pack

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Add Boomwhackers to your class time with these pitched, colourful tubes, matching stickers, and a BONUS! Free Play-Along DVD from Fun Music Company for an interactive, musical experience!

The Boomwhackers Classroom Pack contains the popular C Major Pentatonic Scale Set and, because all of the notes sound good together, is a superb and simple way to introduce children to the concepts of rhythm and melody.  

Consists of: BWDG / BWCG / BWPG / OC8G / CNS1 / FMPVB

Set includes all 8 pitches from C to c on a diatonic scale (white keys on the piano).

This set consist of the 5 Chromatic notes in a scale (the black keys on a piano) and combines with our Diatonic Set (BWDG) to form a full chromatic octave of 13 notes. It also creates its own pentatonic scale, which has a pleasant sound on its own. C#,D#,F#,G#,A#

Consists of 6 notes: C'-D'-E'-G'-A'-C". This Set is great for people less familiar with music as all the notes sound good together!

These caps lower the pitch of a Boomwhacker by an octave when placed on one end of the tube. The 8-pack contains enough caps to use on any of the Boomwhackers sets.

Chroma-Notes™ Stick-Ons are an excellent addition to the Chroma-Notes™ learning system. Adhere them to a variety of instruments to make learning consistent and fun.

Play-Along DVD from Fun Music Company.

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